Darren Till and Michael Bisping break down UFC 268 from Times Square; Talk perseverance in MMA


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  • Travel

    🇬🇧 ❤️

  • Mr Ben
    Mr Ben

    These two fighters are fantastic...so much respect for them both...listening to Michael Bisping inspire and give hope to Darren is awesome. So many people will be listening to this and be inspired and their aspirations will be raised...such skill in fighting and emotional intelligence....and yea I agree Darren Till will be world champion one day

  • johncasagranda

    5:04 - Bisping: "But you don't give up." Darren (silent): "No."

  • johncasagranda

    Man, it's nice to see Bisping inspiring and motivating Darren at Times Square as a fellow UFC fighter and former Champ =J And a fellow Brit. Mate ;)

  • Brad Kenny
    Brad Kenny

    Bisping is a Legend!

  • Big T 0001 *
    Big T 0001 *

    Good interviewer !!!

  • Jud

    Nick Peets looking over the shoulder of Bisping

  • Timm

    The English lost a war and gave birth to the greatest country in the world and then England became America’s son.

  • Joe Becerra
    Joe Becerra

    This turtleneck wearing jabroni keeps playing with his hair when he looks Bisping in the eyes

  • 12lippylucy

    The guy with the ginger beard in the black NY cap has just sold um some coke :) He's now waiting for the buy back ^^

  • ben wood
    ben wood

    Don't think till will ever make it as a media pundit 😂

  • Nayr Drib
    Nayr Drib

    What language is Till speaking?

  • closinginonclosure

    4:08 "Do you see yourself in Darren?" "I see a lot of him in me" 🤔 So Bisping doesn't see himself in Darren, he sees Darren in him? Rawdog, I wonder? 🤔

  • Leon Draper
    Leon Draper

    I love Bisping. That was an awesome speech. Someone edit it and put some inspirational music behind it lol.

  • Bo Si
    Bo Si

    Bisping is Legend Till is a better comedian than fighter his best win was 4 yrs ago against a true lightweight in MR.CERRONE

  • Adam's TruthTrek
    Adam's TruthTrek

    Put your phone away till lol what are you doing

  • Papi Chulo3
    Papi Chulo3

    0:19 dead thought that was russian

  • Peter Dembowy
    Peter Dembowy

    Bisping can only afford half a haircut 😂 Either that or his barber got KO’d halfway thru

  • Nikul Prasad
    Nikul Prasad

    Bisping is a fucking legend

  • Johnson Aaron
    Johnson Aaron

    Till would do better selling fish & chips than MMA🤣

  • david David
    david David

    Till's next fight Could be Mary Poppins and he'd still lose.

  • Nathan Cruz
    Nathan Cruz

    Nobody cares about till lmfao where is Paddy

  • Jessica Colindres
    Jessica Colindres

    I love these 2. I had a smile on my face through the whole video just like the guy behind Bisping

  • Andre 1982
    Andre 1982

    Bisping parillo to corner till for next two fights i know colin is his long term coach but col sent him to brazil send him the states parillo an bisping will get the best out darren an a wrestling coach

  • Alandale

    Bisping “I see a lot of till in me”

  • Bozz Dog
    Bozz Dog

    Mike is 6'2 Darren is 6'0 What on earth is Darren wearing on his feet lol

  • Shaban Dar
    Shaban Dar

    Beer for the lads! ahhaha he loved saying that

  • Pl4y D0h678
    Pl4y D0h678

    SO DISAPPOINTED. You didn't mention the women's co-main event. Rose and Weili have earned their place in this fight.

  • Hesham Aldhahiry
    Hesham Aldhahiry

    You gotta love when that black dude acting like a weirdo until those other two guys told him who they were lol

  • Mitchell Birkhead
    Mitchell Birkhead

    How can’t you like Bisbing.

  • Cap

    I love Darren Till and Bisping

  • AJ Virdi
    AJ Virdi

    Very happy for Bisping’s success post fighting.

  • Garry M
    Garry M

    The ending with Bisping hahaha what a legend

  • BRJ M
    BRJ M

    Pretty annoying with that phone like a 16 year old girl

  • Ralph Rhymes
    Ralph Rhymes

    The reporter went to nyc and got that real White girl,, he can’t stop moving 😭😭

  • Lewie(PoStAlOnE)

    Mike the champ. The brother. The father. The mentor. What a man!

  • barry may
    barry may

    We all want Bisping as our drinking buddy 🥃👍

  • eMfAkz 267
    eMfAkz 267

    Jonah Lomu ! 🏁

  • The Kyzitemelos93
    The Kyzitemelos93

    Please stay the fuck away from NFT's

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice

    😂😂😂class. Bisping will be rough in the morning 🍻🍻🍻

  • Tevita Tu'ipulotu
    Tevita Tu'ipulotu

    The English know Greats they always acknowledge Jonah Lomu 🙏🏾

  • Ian Joy
    Ian Joy

    Everyone keeps using the same excuse about how Kamaru was more active than Colby but if you were to ask the same question for Justin, his last fight was Khabib and Michael was much more active than he was, and does that mean everyone also thinks Michael is gonna win? Sounds like a pretty dumb excuse to me because I still have Justin winning that fight

  • Davin Vigil
    Davin Vigil

    For getting his ass kicked so much darren t sure does talk alot of shit to everyone haha 😄

  • poopstainhotdog1

    Your sweaters too big bro

  • Michael Pollisino
    Michael Pollisino

    I find it entertaining to watch the people in the background

  • 808Tornado

    1st round COLBY shows better movement and combos despite both men having a slow feeling out round. Round 1 for Colby 2 round USMAN takes Colby down to the ground, colby quickly gets up, even striking through rest of round. Round 2 Usman 3rd round USMAN stumbles Colby with a right straight down the pipe. Overly excited Usman swings wild for only 2 strikes. Colby goes under second looping strike and is the first person to take Usman down. Usman is held down for 50 seconds. Upon getting to his feet Colby lands a 3 punch combo that staggers Usman just before the bell. Round 3 to Colby 4th round USMAN still seems wobbled but keeps his defense tight and relies heavily on his jab...stopping Colby in his tracks on multiple occasions. Colby shoots only to be stopped by a knee to his jaw. Unphased, Colby continues throwing Combos. At the 3.40 minute mark it seems Usman has more gas in his tank. For the last minute Usman slightly gets the better of Colby and you can see Colbys face reflect thoughts of possible defeat as he sits on the stool. Round four to Usman Round 5 The crowds roaring as both men take a second to walk up to each other in center of ring and finally show respect. USMAN again relies heavily on his jab. Colby seems re-energized and keeps his movement off centerline. Usman throws his first 3 strike combo of the night with the last punch being a hard straight right. Colby instantly weaves under the straight right and follows with a leg kick to Usmans left Jaw. Usmans knees buckle, but he remains standing with even striking through the rest of the round. Round 5 Colby Split Decision Winner Usman Colby complains of steroid use and the referee and judges being rigged for 37 months until Usman retires. Then Colby is the 170 pound King

  • Lupus Noctis
    Lupus Noctis

    Bispings losing his British accent

  • J S
    J S


  • Pardeep Bhatoa
    Pardeep Bhatoa

    Bisping is a legend & Till is a savage 🙌🏽👊🏽☝🏽

  • Skyler slayton
    Skyler slayton

    Michael “the scam” Bisping

  • BrassEye

    Mike looks the part......Proper tough guy.

  • TheRealest 811
    TheRealest 811

    Manc & Scouser connection proving entertaining once again

  • Cody Fletcher
    Cody Fletcher

    He hasn't said a word to Kelvin gastelum in the back...

  • The Ajdam
    The Ajdam

    Great to see blokes lifting each other up like this.

  • The Ajdam
    The Ajdam

    Till is massive! Can't believe he can make 170...

  • Faheem Ebrahim
    Faheem Ebrahim

    Darren till win or lose is a fan favorite. Bisping legend

  • Ben Bainbridge
    Ben Bainbridge

    I know I'm a scumbag for thinking it but, I really wish Mike and Darren went back to back and just started destroying all the time square tourists!

  • TheStudioHo

    Why is Kelvin Gastelum in the back

  • kizbo slice
    kizbo slice

    Honestly one of my favourite interviews in a while 👌

  • Chris Mogard
    Chris Mogard

    I start every Till interview not understanding a word and by the end its clear as day

  • Charles Charlemagne
    Charles Charlemagne

    2:20 ...weirdos creeping around in the back

  • Nick Read
    Nick Read

    Bisping ain't comfortable taking praise lol

  • Jas

    If you stare really closely in the background you can see dillion danis being subbed

  • Justin pop
    Justin pop

    Darren can fall and try again but ufc is not gonna give him that many chances. He seems like he cant win in the top 15

  • Justin pop
    Justin pop

    If darren cared hed ask bisping to be his coach fulltime

  • reytw

    Till seeing that Glover win has got be huge encouragement. He’s still only 28!

  • C B
    C B

    English people interacting lol

  • E. S.
    E. S.

    imagine drinking a cold one with them in a bar.

  • james mason
    james mason

    “You bastard im 30” Lmaoooo

  • Merlin The Happy Pig
    Merlin The Happy Pig

    They are all pissed. But Bisping is the best at acting sober. Who would have thought Bisping would have been the designated driver

  • D Perez84
    D Perez84

    Love both of you guys!!!

  • han


  • Manson Mason
    Manson Mason

    Did some other civillian get another free shot at BITCHspings face ... ???

  • 1 IN A BILLION.. unfortunately.. predetermined
    1 IN A BILLION.. unfortunately.. predetermined

    Bisbping was a good UFC Champion who beat some of the best fighters in history and lost the belt to the possible goat.Respect bisbping.

  • Ash Drums
    Ash Drums

    "Refusal to accept denial". Isn't that denial?

  • Jerome Butler
    Jerome Butler


  • James Adams
    James Adams

    darren darren till darren till darren darren tiLL

  • The Roadents
    The Roadents

    What a strong accent on Till! Like the Beatles before they were famous.

  • DKitis 6
    DKitis 6

    Go on then 🤣🍻

  • Runnit Strait
    Runnit Strait

    RIP Jonah Lomu ❤

  • Mr Pohatu
    Mr Pohatu

    Jonah Lomu 🇳🇿

  • The Ronin
    The Ronin

    I hope Till becomes a champ.

  • Dario Estrada
    Dario Estrada

    People are dumb.. if youre growing older, ofcourse its possible you can lose height like an inches.. till os a bit more younger than bisping, his body is flexing by his training

  • DBS

    Difference between generations clear as day. Darren rude as fuck.

  • Gonzo Balls
    Gonzo Balls

    1:26 Put a respect on Gastelum's name. He's waiting forever to join the conversation

  • davis2022

    They finally get to it @ 5:29

  • Ari Glick
    Ari Glick

    HOW is their not subtitles 😂

  • Keisha Sparks
    Keisha Sparks

    Two of my favorite fighters to watch!! So cheeky!!

  • Elbow

    Bisping wasnt sayin all these good things about Darren on his tour recently hahaha

  • JPM


  • Bigdre Fromthebay
    Bigdre Fromthebay

    Surprised bisping didn’t pull out his accent for this interview lol

  • Soledad


  • Espa

    what a great mic

  • Gino Valentino
    Gino Valentino

    and listen to the fan's they cheering and screaming ....LET"S GO B R A N T E N D O ! ! !

  • Matt M
    Matt M

    Humans act strange around a camera.

  • Brady R
    Brady R

    Look at buddy lurking behind till....sitting there with the camera app open 😆

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    NFT 's do not have to be "art" it could be anything digital. Non fudge able token", could be a game card collectable, a song, a documentary, anything. Still I never thought I'd see Bisbing even try and explain NFT' s in 2021

    • mickmon

      that's the funniest mistake I've seen lol, non-fungible* meaning there's only one

  • Marcin Magdziarek
    Marcin Magdziarek

    why not?

  • A B
    A B