Daniel Cormier crashes Sean Brady’s post-fight presser to apologise for forgetting his name
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  • Maksymetzmj

    Reporter: "DC forgot your name man." Sean Brady: "Super disrespectful..."

  • Robert Leite
    Robert Leite

    I can’t believe DC made 205 only 3 years ago

  • Vum Sang
    Vum Sang

    Muscle can’t fight

  • Ezra Daiquiri
    Ezra Daiquiri

    Sean, remember the name, Brady....until chimiev beats him cause in a 5 round fight, chiesa wins.

  • Hugh Mc quillan
    Hugh Mc quillan

    DC is a brutal commentator and extremely biased

  • Chase Zimmerman
    Chase Zimmerman

    Sean’s nose looks like a C though

  • Snake Plisskin
    Snake Plisskin

    Drunk again?

  • Daniel Aguilar
    Daniel Aguilar


  • anonymous asian
    anonymous asian

    DC should eat that spicy wings challenge.

  • Chris Lawton
    Chris Lawton

    DC is really starting to annoy me. Crap commentator too. Talks shit...

  • Blessedxx

    Love you dc❤️ all these people hating on him are crazy lmao

  • Kuya Cross
    Kuya Cross

    Looks like a good dude

  • Maestro Von Huge
    Maestro Von Huge

    He is a champion, but DC needs to pull his head out of his ass, his commentary and his ism's are starting to get on the nose.

  • Spidey McGee
    Spidey McGee

    Dude is Philly. Glad he represents my area, even though most people suck around here.

  • Percynomercy12

    DC loves attention!! Any chance to get on camera he will.

  • Amidu Kamara
    Amidu Kamara


  • Dan Larkin
    Dan Larkin

    Something is going on with DC and should probably not all pile on him.

  • Joe Garza
    Joe Garza

    Random question but I’ve been curious, what do you think about DC’s commentary? As time continues I feel it gets more and more biased. You can tell who he’s rooting for and it gets annoying

  • Corey Mcevilly
    Corey Mcevilly

    Why any thumbs 👎? Bellator fans or something?

  • Tommo 77
    Tommo 77

    🤣🤣🤣This kid is gonna go far

  • OffroadArmbar

    Sean Brady. Alright, we got our eyes on you bro

  • jimmyjackass

    5 rounds and Mike finishes him. He needs work. JMO

  • Joe Arispe
    Joe Arispe

    DC is getting CTE

  • Gage Davis
    Gage Davis

    DC is low key getting annoying haha

  • Klefthoof Robert
    Klefthoof Robert

    Sean "scoliosis gives you the appearance of giant back" Brandy :)

  • Cooper Kowen
    Cooper Kowen

    I'd have forgotten his name to if he just wreslte fucked someone for most of the fight. Boring.

  • Backwoods Babble
    Backwoods Babble

    Dude gassed out and was trying to survive the last round.

  • Onkar Patole
    Onkar Patole

    some one said DC to replace Dana white after few years

  • Peter Barbera
    Peter Barbera

    DC getting too comfortable in his position. He straight up unprofessional sometimes. Like james Tony the best boxer in UFC? After a first round loss to the natural randy coutore over a decade ago? Come on DC..

  • John C
    John C

    that was hilarious on the end haha

  • Cathy Roche
    Cathy Roche

    DC need to lay off the alcohol..

  • Hd41 Hd41
    Hd41 Hd41

    Why does fat Daniel keep opening his mouth on camera

  • B-Legend91

    DC is a good man

  • prodigiii712

    Poor performance. Took more damage than the guy who lost. And took a beating in the last round. Should’ve been more convincing.

  • Dee Jayy
    Dee Jayy

    Disrespectful and embarrassing

  • Ozark

    DC is too busy kissing Khabib and his team’s azz to remember anything else

  • mcliffdizz

    Dc needa do better

  • mbw03

    I just feel DC is terrible at interviewing the fighters. It's more about him.

  • maikeljwt

    DC horny for some attention. blegh i can't stand the guy

  • Anthony Aumell
    Anthony Aumell

    Brady taking notes from the school of khabib. Hold on to the guy long enough even with ZERO damage done and you'll win 👍 find it funny that he talks about "sometimes you get finishes and sometimes you dont" LOL how can u get a finish when all u do is hold the guy the entire fight and can't even get close to a submission? Lol fight should have been stood up more than a few times!

  • William Mercado
    William Mercado

    Ive said it before and ill say it again, DC is the worst commentator.

  • Swear Gryllz
    Swear Gryllz

    I never got a chance to watch this one but I think I'm going to go back and watch it, this dude is pretty chill and he beat chiesa that's not a f****** easy challenge

  • robbi asher
    robbi asher

    Him vs khamzat

  • P4P MMA
    P4P MMA

    Look like masvidal’s little brother

  • Ivan Santiago
    Ivan Santiago

    DC looking fatter than ever.. enjoying life

  • Samuel Monterroza
    Samuel Monterroza

    Brady needs to thank chiesa. His career is going to take off cause he gave him a shot. No one ranked 6th would give 14 a shot.

  • Jp_4_President20


  • Thotty DaGod
    Thotty DaGod

    The card having a lot of decisions doesn't make it a bad card..yall just aren't real Mma fans

  • Leon Boosley
    Leon Boosley

    Is it just me or has DC become really annoying this past year?

  • Bas Groot
    Bas Groot

    DC must be fired from UFC! PLEASE!!!!

  • Carl T
    Carl T

    Dc is such a cool guy i like him commentating with bisping

  • Anonymous

    I thought It was an awful fight

  • 3rdStrand Productions
    3rdStrand Productions


  • WhaleRider 3000 🐳
    WhaleRider 3000 🐳

    D.c a brown white guy

  • Jake A
    Jake A

    DC is becoming a shit show.

  • Roland Deschain
    Roland Deschain

    DC is becoming very unlikable

  • David Saputra
    David Saputra

    Dc loll screaming nitchis

  • DustyFeetPhiloso4er

    DC is goat in mma

  • Jesse Fromal
    Jesse Fromal

    Chiesa has no killer instinct...no explosion in his offensive skills and no do or die in his defense! His career is done

  • named Named
    named Named

    Daniel is a working father . Good for him life is life living.

    • D Gillian
      D Gillian

      “Life is life living”???? Maybe I’m slow… can you explain?!??

  • Bret B
    Bret B

    DC is pretty shit at this bless him, they need to swap him for Din Thomas

  • IloveBaklava

    Brady is overrated AF. He won't beat anyone in the top 5. I dont know what Chiesa was doing he was prancing around like Peter pan before the fight. Zero sense of urgency.

  • Turnitaround

    What is it with DC? He's really looking for attention these days, always hating on people, wont let things go, is he ok?

  • tdan

    If he can keep it up he can be a big star and be the next Cody garbrandt he is just less of a loose Cannon that cody

  • Technics Infusion
    Technics Infusion

    Give me khamzat

  • leeder

    i love DC screw the haters

  • Jordan Barnard
    Jordan Barnard

    DC is the man!!!

  • HighRoller Trucking
    HighRoller Trucking

    Dc kinda playing the LAME card


    DC aka bias commentator

  • Clifton

    DC had a bad couple of weeks. Jeez.

  • Lamont.

    DC is entertaining whether he’s being biased or not, or forgetting names.

  • Matias Gentili
    Matias Gentili

    Whos the fat guy?

  • The Homeless American
    The Homeless American

    now THAT was def the worst card of the year

  • KoKo FitFaded
    KoKo FitFaded

    Dc slowly becoming that creepy uncle 😅

  • Sleeping Ronald
    Sleeping Ronald

    Boring ass fighter

  • gogo kp
    gogo kp

    I know that is not like this, but it looks like WTF is this Brady guy

  • gogo kp
    gogo kp

    He will know his name now for sure.....

  • Christopher Young
    Christopher Young

    Do something worth remembering and he’ll know your name.

    • D Gillian
      D Gillian

      He just did, dummie

  • James R
    James R

    DC isn’t funny anymore and is washed up

  • Brandon Bennett
    Brandon Bennett

    DC should find another job. He gets paid to know peoples name. He can’t even do that right. Fire his ass Dana… Moron!

  • Amir Hussain
    Amir Hussain

    DC is becoming really insufferable as part of the ufc media team. He needs to be a professional and not so obnoxious. Keep your locker room behabiour to the places where its appreciates, not interrupting a press conference or giving stupid commentary and swearing on the broadcast

  • Shriver Fam
    Shriver Fam

    If Dc is talking I just press mute. "God gave me that option."

  • rita the cat
    rita the cat

    His tattoos are more memorable than anything that happend in that fight.

  • Swaze

    Gotta love how dudes from Pennsylvania say "FOIGHT"

  • Pedro Fernandes
    Pedro Fernandes

    Not a big deal.

  • Meat Fractals
    Meat Fractals

    This kid is a killer. I've followed him since he started in the UFC and undefeated or not, I just hope they build him the right way.

  • Big Hemi
    Big Hemi

    DC on a fast track to getting canned …

  • JBI Tile
    JBI Tile

    This was a wrestling match. Why didn't they just wrestle some where else. I don't think neither landed one punch. Lol . Brady better watch out ufc Goin try cut him if he doesn't start been exciting. This was the most boring fight this year

  • Vincent van Pareren
    Vincent van Pareren

    Sean looks like he could be TJ's brother.

  • Seedy Camara
    Seedy Camara

    Luckily for him, it only was 3 rounds. If it was 5, chiesa would have won. He had a better gastank! Brady has no chance agaist people like Leon, Colby and Kamaru!

  • JC Carjar
    JC Carjar

    Dc is still one of my favorites on the commentary team

  • Gary G
    Gary G

    DC is having a bit of a nightmare lately isn't he

  • Daniel Penn
    Daniel Penn

    DC lookin like Chris Barnett

  • vishal sharma
    vishal sharma

    DC being the daddiest man on the planet

  • Night X Wolf
    Night X Wolf

    DC didn’t say I love you back though 😭😭

  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi

    "Got punched too many times in the head" 😂😂

    • Shakis Yusuf
      Shakis Yusuf

      " funny "

  • Nicky HUGHES
    Nicky HUGHES

    Don’t say you love the arsehole called DC

  • Ike Terrible
    Ike Terrible

    “Super Disrespectful”

  • Rivera

    He needs to shed a few tho…not a good look for the sport or himself always eating popcorn or chicken fingers. Should take better care…heart disease. ❤️