Colby Covington weighs-in with no nonsense ahead of Kamaru Usman rematch

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  • Бурул Сейтбекова
    Бурул Сейтбекова

    Советуем калп арам шайтандар

  • Thejus p mathews
    Thejus p mathews

    Colby Covington is the only fighter to fight at his natural weight.

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones

    Colby told the reporter Trump could not make UFC 268 because of a rally. President Trump has no rally tonight.

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones

    Spoiler alert!!! President Trump does not have a rally planned for tonight like Colby said. I believe President Trump is Colby surprise at UFC 268!

  • RobtheRipper

    What is he drinking?

  • Shawn Kliewer
    Shawn Kliewer

    Goof fighter getting what he asked for for a paycheck.

  • Rafa Kops
    Rafa Kops


  • Pedro Vargues
    Pedro Vargues

    Massive respect for Colby for fighting at his natural weight. Hope he gets it done tomorrow 💪

  • Lamb Sauce
    Lamb Sauce

    Usman wins the talks of him taking on Adesanya intensify until they have a fallout. Usman has budged a little already in talks of it happening. Colby wins I’m hoping we get to see Jorge vs Colby for the title!

  • Itaboi 309
    Itaboi 309

    Anyone that says, Usman, Costa or Francis aren't on the good shit are kidding themselves.

    • Sasquatch

      Every top level talent is on roids. Especially Usman, Costa, and Francis.

  • lasthumankind

    Whoever wrote the title probably can't do 10 push-ups

  • Omni King
    Omni King

    Awww he's hiding his lil pecker, so obvious 😂😂😂😭

  • Brian Hickey
    Brian Hickey

    Go time boys go time !!

  • Ahmad Ali
    Ahmad Ali

    He realized what will going to happen tomorrow This time Broken Face R.3 K.O Come on Nightmare👊

  • Anthony Blakemore
    Anthony Blakemore

    I'd love the UFC to make a Colby vs Khamzat fight. Colby would get smashed quick.

  • Anthony Blakemore
    Anthony Blakemore

    You guys saying he doesn't cut down are nuts the first thing he does is reach for a rehydration bottle of water. You definitely look like he had trouble with cutting weight on this one.

  • Anthony Blakemore
    Anthony Blakemore

    No-nonsense? He looked more like he was sucked out due to the weight cut. He looked really bad.

  • Brett Zeee
    Brett Zeee

    99% of the comments are pro colby. Usman is getting ratio'd in real time.

    • Diego Velazquez
      Diego Velazquez

      And STILL🌝

  • Jesse CCW
    Jesse CCW

    After seeing all the one sided predictions favoring Usman by the analysts and fighters, I want to see Colby picks up the W. Props to Colby for fighting in his natural weight class, just look at the muscle difference between them and the fact that Colby bang and hang with Usman for almost 5 rounds in an extremely close fight proved how tough and resilient Colby is. Regardless of the result, Colby is a rare elite fighter with promo skills, funny antics and ability to fight!

  • Brandon Barrett
    Brandon Barrett

    Colby 2nd tKO bet that💯

  • Baz

    Is he drinking ufc coconut water

  • Under construction
    Under construction


  • Johnnnnhammer

    Man just look at Colby views on this video and usman “the champion pound for pound” views on his weigh video. Colby became a star in the ufc and if he win tmw night Colby will explode like no other. AND NEWWWWWWWW!!!!

  • Hoji Ariana McDavid Barrett
    Hoji Ariana McDavid Barrett

    Colby with the hands as fig leaf screams insecure.

  • someguy2255

    Colby covering his small bulge lmao.

  • Section8 millionaire
    Section8 millionaire

    Should have ran it right back after the first fight. Hoping for another war

  • John Kreese
    John Kreese

    Colby is a natural welterweight….usman could def fight at middleweight but def has tough weight cuts(still makes them unlike costa who’s a natural lhw instead of a middleweight)

  • blueprint

    Colby take juice at the end of the video

  • James Lowe
    James Lowe

    Everyone mentioning no signs of weight cut, wtf are yous looking at, he looks drained af

  • Marc LA
    Marc LA

    Warrrrr Colby!!!

  • Thomas johnbenson Gillard
    Thomas johnbenson Gillard

    Colby fights at his weight what an og

  • rsalkeld08

    End this fool Colby I hope he wins

  • John Q
    John Q

    Colby is a POS! You gonna lose again boy! And stop acting you support the first responders. We see through you act!

  • overandout

    Colby is the realest

  • H8stupidppl

    I want some coco water now...

  • 311

    Usman will loose this time.

  • Pete Gallows
    Pete Gallows

    A pro. It's great to see a fighter who is not afraid to fight in his natural weight class, who doesn't have to cut 25-30lbs to gain advantage.

  • Tiki force
    Tiki force

    Colby by decision.

  • Alex

    I’m rooting for Colby but he looks a bit frightened

  • M G
    M G

    #1 - Rivalino the Artist would not be proud of him covering his junk. #2 He is drinkin the same CoconutWater as I drink. Cheers!

  • Max Ludlow
    Max Ludlow

    He means business this time. No fucking around get the job done. 👍

  • Alex Stefan
    Alex Stefan

    Colby time!

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L

    Usman knocks him out in the 2nd

  • Al Tappo Mak Tappo
    Al Tappo Mak Tappo

    Usman is king

  • Leonardo McDonnell
    Leonardo McDonnell

    People talking about weight cuts forget that reach might be a factor for cutting down to lower weights, someone that’s a heavy lightweight might have a tiny reach for a welterweight and this is extremely important

  • The Collectors Ball Pythons
    The Collectors Ball Pythons

    That’s professional

  • M 2
    M 2

    I hope he wins. He is a great fighter.

  • Alan Adams
    Alan Adams

    Let's gooooo Colby!!!!! Show snoozeman the chaos!!!

  • K1NG CHR1S
    K1NG CHR1S

    I'm really hoping for a banger not a quick tko/ko......don't mind who wins I like both fighters equally

  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed

    Love him or hate him. Dude is a great fighter but I don’t see him winning usman is just too good

  • Stockton Slap
    Stockton Slap

    Saving the goods for the mamasitas after the fight

  • Jacob Krewson
    Jacob Krewson

    This was the only fight that should have been made the whole time. Worth the wait.

  • AndrewRobbi

    That’s not his natural weight he still cuts weight id say at least 20 pounds from his natural weight Probably just 10 pounds of water this morning

  • michael lilienfeld
    michael lilienfeld

    #Buy Bitcoin

  • Kevin Gallego
    Kevin Gallego

    If Colby loses on Saturday and he comes up with another great excuse, he should run for presidency🤣🤣🤣

  • Tier 1 Gear & EDC Reviews
    Tier 1 Gear & EDC Reviews

    Let’s go Brandon!

  • Ghost Certified
    Ghost Certified

    Yes wonder what Colby smells like

  • Street Kombative System
    Street Kombative System

    Love or hate Colby, he #1 contender for a reason, and what you see is what you get, unlike Usman who is a phony, a great fighter also but so full of BS. I hope Colby smashes him.

  • bloodseeker666

    CHAOS!!! Lets Fucking Go!!!

  • Bob Jamaica
    Bob Jamaica

    Idk why I'm kinda rooting for Colby to win this would make the division much more interesting with him as champ

  • Jonas Jakobsen
    Jonas Jakobsen

    @Colby vs @Mashvidal Could be the biggest Pay per view event! 2022

  • Raphael Paddee
    Raphael Paddee

    Yo I got Colby

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem

    its so weird seeing everyone supporting colby now, i thought i was his only fan and every one would team up on me. now we got an army!

  • Popeye Saavedra
    Popeye Saavedra

    Love or hate him (I don't like him either) but he is a hell of a fighter who brings it.

  • Sean smith
    Sean smith

    Colby was trying hard at the press conference too be funny haha

  • Iron

    the title of this video lol

  • Hassi Giovanni
    Hassi Giovanni

    Fighting at his natural weight won’t save him from Usman

  • marley16 bob
    marley16 bob

    Say what you want about coby,the man is a beast he fights anyone and gives it 💯. This is his natural weight.i know people dislike him bit I hope he get the win tomorrow I think usman is a beast in his own right but would love to see coby as champ

  • ירון בינדר
    ירון בינדר

    Looks very focus colby,

  • Shawn Stevens
    Shawn Stevens

    Even he's putting on an obvious Gimmick, he still comes across as a good guy and to be honest more real at time than the ones we are supposed to believe, it's a shame about the Trump gig, but i'm sure thats lined him up for a shot at some Ivanka if she's free, ? haha, " If your doing it, at least have a little taste of the top " I'm actually going for him again because of this, Usman is going to be a DC clone, and i'm sure he's a nice guy, but?! I can't quite put my finger on why I don't like him, it's not a Race bs thing, I just think as most already know, without Colby, Usman's fights just don't have any hype.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know the drink that Colby has to rehydrate? I've seen alot of fighters drink it. Looks like coconut water

  • Jake

    I would really like to see this guy win!

  • Cloyd Laroix
    Cloyd Laroix

    Ayy real ones know about that coco vita!!!

  • CoMiX oF 2mOrRoW
    CoMiX oF 2mOrRoW

    Honestly, I think Colby pulls it off. Usman is really good though.

  • J S
    J S

    I got huge respect for Kamaru but I swear! I want Colby to upset this card. I also would love Justin to win and Rose.

  • Benjamin Hall
    Benjamin Hall

    looking goood covington!! im not a betting man but i reckon its going to be close!!

  • F1 madness
    F1 madness

    Looks like he’s worked on his stomach for this

  • SkateForLife304

    Imagine Colby wrestle fucks kamaru for 5 funds LOL! JK if he gets kamaru down it’s over in 2

  • ace Scalade
    ace Scalade

    Let’s go colby... even tho it’s awesome, it sucks he had to create this persona to keep his career. He’s such a badass

  • Bryleeg


  • Lord Burlap
    Lord Burlap

    Broken Jaw 2.....

  • TheDazzler420

    I think Colby is always lean, and does dieting unlike Khabib and rest of roaster, who get fat during off season, and struggle to make their natural lean weight on fight time, since losing fat rapidly comes with cost.

  • Duchehe

    colby is cool without the trash talking

  • Sting

    Paulo Costa need take notes here

  • Nugglife 303
    Nugglife 303

    He's gonna get wrecked.

  • John Hanselman
    John Hanselman

    169.4? If I had to make weight I would never weigh in less than 169.9. The final 1/2 pound hurts the most. Why be smaller than required?

  • Tazmanian66devil

    One of the best overall cards ever

  • James Watkins
    James Watkins

    Let's Go Colby. Go get that belt brotha.

  • Tom Eagen
    Tom Eagen

    I doubt he cuts more than 12 lbs. Good for him

  • Sandy Nongbet
    Sandy Nongbet

    The most exciting title fight this year. ❤️❤️

  • Liam Palfreeman
    Liam Palfreeman

    Colby looks leaner and more ready then ever

  • RT

    I really dont think colby can make 155 as easily as people are saying. Hes very lean already. It would have to be all water weight and that would kill him. He knows what hes doing

  • Otto von Neumann
    Otto von Neumann

    He could easily fight in 155 but he is not like those chikens Khabib,Islam, Usman and so on

  • RoarshakTCG

    How everyone weigh-in should be!

  • Anonymous

    He’s locked the fuck in. Let’s go

  • mitchattitude

    He's thirsty!

  • Marv Mel
    Marv Mel

    Lol "respect to Colby for fighting at his natural weight" are you dumb? If fighting at lightweight instead of welterweight would benefit him, he would fight at lightweight

    • Marv Mel
      Marv Mel

      @Bananas your boyfriend lost

    • Marv Mel
      Marv Mel

      @Bananas explain lol. so you're telling me that colby is willing to give up a shot at winning a title at 155, to "do the right thing"? bruh you live in some delusional world

    • Bananas

      lmfao, this is the stupidest shit i’ve read in a while.

  • Ryan Boyle
    Ryan Boyle


  • Surae KinCannon
    Surae KinCannon

    Good luck Colby hope you win!🙏🤗❤️🇱🇷

  • XXDA Libi
    XXDA Libi

    Put respect on his name.

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